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Sunday, February 26, 2006


100 Big Feedback Needed

Parenting is by far the best profession/hobby. There is nothing more fascinating that observing and facilitating the development of a human being. Sometimes, however, it can be frustrating. Right now my daughter is 4. She's pretty smart (I know, all parents think so :-) ) and has an easy time learning things. Once concept that seems to be difficult for her is learning the concept of measurements. She will say something like, "Wow! That dog was 100 big!", and when I ask her "100 what?" she gets frustrated. Like I should realize that 100 is a really big number, so that means it's a really big dog. Given that she's only 4, I have no problem with that logic, but I would love to teach her about units and measurement.

So, here's where I need feedback. Does anyone know of a good site/method/book/movie/show to teach the concept of measurement to young kids?

Friday, February 17, 2006


Now THAT'S truth in advertising!

Apparently Gillette and Schick have been battling it out in court over patent infringements. Not that interesting (although the rediculous patents that are granted irk me to no end!), but I love one line from this article:
"In 2004, a Dutch court ruled that Wilkinson Sword and Gillette could both claim their razors were the best, as members of the public would probably not believe them anyway."

That's truth in advertising!


Boing Boing: Man coughs up nail after 35 years

Boing Boing: Man coughs up nail after 35 years

Ok, that's one of the oddest things. But even cooler, he's from my home town! :-)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


New title

Take a look at the new title on my blog. It should change every time you refresh.


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