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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The patron saint of mental illness

I'm not sure what took me to this page but I thought it was a neat little story. I think that in this day and age the definition of mental illness is blurring. Of course, maybe it always has been blurry. Even though it seems like things are getting worse, it may be just that we notice them more now because we hear about everything more with all the information floating around the air waves and internet. Maybe I'm just becoming an old geezer... "Back in my day, ..."

For those who don't know, St. Dymphna's is an Irish Pub in New York. My brother-in-law, Eric, works there as a bar tender. I got to spend some time with Barry Heffernan, the owner, a good friend of my brother- and sister-in-law, at their wedding in Portugal, and he is really a great guy. It is one of the nicest pubs I've been to and has excellent food, so if you're ever on St. Mark's in New York, stop in and give it a try.

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